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Accreditation Announcement

Participation Support Services is excited to share the following letter received from FOCUS Accreditation.


On behalf of the Board of Directors of FOCUS Accreditation, I am pleased to inform you that Participation Support Services has achieved their second accreditation for the period January 2020 - January 2024.  

Participation Support Services, as part of the healthcare system and in partnership with other organizations, support adults with physical disabilities and complex needs to live as independently as possible.

FOCUS Accreditation looks at all aspects of how an organization provides services – from how people are supported to the effectiveness of the operations.  FOCUS Accreditation sent a team of four people to review Participation Support Services onsite, for three days on November 25th- 27th, 2019.  The team, observed how services were provided, reviewed data, and collected input from various people who have a stake in the services being provided.  

As accreditation is not mandatory, it merits recognition that Participation Support Services elected to be accredited again by an impartial third-party organization, like FOCUS Accreditation.  This decision, and the work that went into meeting the standards established by FOCUS, clearly demonstrates a commitment to accountability and quality, and a desire to continue to improve the lives of the people they support.

FOCUS is an accreditation agency developed in Canada, for Canada’s community human services sector. Over 60+ organizations have voluntarily signed on for accreditation with FOCUS.  Once again, we commend Participation Support Services on their accreditation and are pleased to share their good news with you.



Cheryl Whiteman

Executive Director, FOCUS Accreditation

C:  Sherry Kerr, Executive Director, Participation Support Services